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Photo of Rosa, founder of Diverse History UK

Rosa Legeno-Bell (BA, MA, GTP)

I am Rosa, co-founder and Director of Diverse History UK, an LGBTQ+ and family-run business, where we provide educational consultancy to address diversification of school curricula. (See also meet the team.) Sharing a passion for equality, diversity and inclusion, my wife, Wendy and I co-founded Diverse History UK in June 2020. I have worked in the education sector for over a decade. My experience includes inner-city London comprehensives and Norfolk Trust schools, as a history teacher, Head of History and an Associate Assistant Principal. It has been my privilege to work in some excellent schools, striving to ensure their history curricula are truly diverse and amplify marginalised histories.

I know that the education sector can do so much to challenge damaging prejudices and misconceptions through teaching marginalised histories. This knowledge inspired me to set up Diverse History UK.

At Diverse History UK, we are driven by the knowledge that a diverse and personalised education for all children can benefit our pupils and our whole society, both academically and pastorally.

By helping to ensure Britain's diverse society is reflected in curricula that amplify marginalised histories, we believe we will promote a happier and more harmonious society.

We are also passionate about teaching students to engage with historiography in order to hone their academic skills from KS2 onwards.

In pursuit of these aims, we create truly diverse curricula that explore lesser-told narratives from around the globe, within the constraints of the National Curriculum.

Diverse History UK wants to help schools to move away from single story narratives and towards teaching more inclusive and honest global histories. Please get in touch today to find out more.

I am also now pleased to be a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

4 Ds Pedagogy white.png

We believe that the methods we use to teach are just as important as what we are teaching. Our pedagogy is based on years of experience, research and outstanding pupil attainment.


Rosa Legeno-Bell, Director and co-founder

I am Rosa, co-founder and Director of Diverse History UK (DHUK) – a family-run business.  As a teacher of history, I make it my mission to create curricula that amplify marginalised histories through academic yet accessible resources. In 2020, while I was studying for a Masters Degree in Modern History at the University of East Anglia, I realised other educators

could benefit from my passion and expertise. I have been overwhelmed by the support that our mission has received and I am very excited to continue working with like-minded educators across the globe.

I recently completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of East Anglia, and used the opportunity to learn about children’s educational and social development in early years.

Wendy Legeno-Bell, Communications Director and co-founder With a background in charity fundraising for both national and local children’s charities, I have a wealth of experience advocating for those whose voices may otherwise go unheard. I have talked about important and sensitive topics to a wide range of audiences, including hosting assemblies and workshops at both primary and secondary schools.


Sofia Carlisle-Bell, SEND Consultant

Using my own experience as a person with an ADHD diagnosis, I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant in several schools, supporting students with Special Educational Needs. I am currently studying for a degree in Biology with Education at the University of East Anglia. I am passionate about making sure that young people get the best out of their time in school.

Julia Bell, Editorial and Design Consultant

As a multimedia publishing expert. I advise Diverse History UK on their publishing approach as well as offering practical support such as building and maintaining their current website.

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