Photo of Rosa, founder of Diverse History UK

Rosa Legeno-Bell (BA, GTP, MA)

I am Rosa the founder of Diverse History UK, where we provide education consultancy and tutoring. I have worked in the education sector for 10 years, mainly in inner-city London comprehensives, as a history teacher, head of history and an assistant head. It has been my privilege to work in some excellent schools, striving to ensure their history departments are truly diverse and do justice to history. 

But the education sector can still do so much more to challenge prejudices such as those highlighted by Black Lives Matter. This knowledge has inspired me to set up Diverse History UK, as I believe that a diverse education for all children can help to challenge damaging prejudices and stereotypes, benefiting our pupils and our whole society.

Britain is a multicultural and diverse society. I feel strongly that as educators we have a responsibility to ensure this is reflected in our curricula. I am passionate about the implementation of curricula that combine academic rigour in the classroom and promote a happier and more harmonious society.

I know from experience that it is possible to include a truly diverse curriculum looking at some lesser told narratives from around the globe, all within the constraints of the National Curriculum.

Diverse History UK wants to help schools to move away from single story narratives and towards teaching more inclusive and honest global histories. Please get in touch today to find out more.

We believe that the methods we use to teach classes and in one-to-one tutoring are just as important as what we are teaching. Our pedagogy is based on years of experience, research and outstanding pupil attainment.

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