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I'm a university lecturer of race and migration in 20th century Britain. I had the opportunity to work on an online teaching resource for the National Archives for K3–K5 students. It was an exciting opportunity but I'd never taught younger students before. Diverse History UK provided an incredible consultancy service. They worked closely with me on the content of the teaching resource, recommended questions at all grade levels, advised how my research might fit into the National Curriculum and highlighted areas that needed further clarification for younger students. Overall, they made a huge impact on the quality of the teaching resource. They were also extremely, fast, efficient and professional. I just can't recommend them enough. Five stars!

Dr Camilla Schofield, University of East Anglia, Norwich

I contacted Diverse History for some expertise and knowledge on the UK history curriculum and its relation to the government's recent political impartiality guidance. They were incredibly quick to respond and very helpful. They took their time to explain how the guidance doesn't stop schools from pursuing a diverse history curriculum and broke down all the details for me brilliantly.'

Erin Lister, journalism masters student at Goldsmiths, University of London


From predicted D grade to an A grade

Megan, GCSE student, Norfolk

'Rosa helped me with my History GCSE.  I had been off school for six months with a chronic illness and I am dyslexic. She adapted her tutoring to suit my abilities. I went from a predicted D grade to attaining an A in my GCSE History.  She is enthusiastic about history and got me well and truly hooked.  I went on to do A-level in History.'


'I've been working with Diverse History to create decolonized units of work for a primary school. It has not only resulted in an excellent resource for the school, but it has also been a fantastic CPD tool for me as a teaching practitioner. From start to finish, Diverse History are thorough and analytical, creating resources and schemes of work that are personalised and designed to maximise history learning within the targeted school. I will continue to work with Diverse History in future.'

Max, Assistant Head Teacher, London

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